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Southernisms Glossary

Bellyaching: Grumbling, fussing, or complaining, often used without final “g”
Butter my buns and call me a biscuit: Wow (maybe that’s oversimplified)
Chap your hide: Make you mad/upset
Country mile: A long way (even if it’s in the city)
Done: Already, completely, really; used for emphasis
Feel punk: To be ill, under the weather, puny
Fixin’ to: About to, ready to
Full as a tick: Really, really full
Gully washer: A whole lot of rain
Madder than a wet hen: Very angry
Pert near: Pretty near, just about, almost
Plum wore/worn out: Exhausted, very tired
Set a spell: Sit down and visit for a little while
Snatch baldheaded: Punish, reprimand, call on the carpet
Straighten up and fly right: Get your act together
The very idy: The very idea; an expression of astonishment or amazement
Tump over: To fall over (often happens when riding in a wheelbarrow)
Umpteen: A vague, unspecified number, roughly between 10 and 99
Wallago: “A while ago” (I’ve never written it down, but I say it often.)

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