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Blog Roll

Below are some of my favorite blogs. They’re not all grammatically perfect. They ARE very funny, well-written, or totally relatable—or a combo of the three! Enjoy.

Funny Stuff:
The Bloggess
Hyperbole and a Half
Reasons Mommy Drinks

Thoughtful Writing and Cool Info:
Living Over The Hill
Far & Wise
Chronically Chrissy
Random Thoughts from a tired senile old man
Three Hundred Sixty-Five
Hands Free Mama
Poppa Culture
Outlaw Mama
This Is 38
40 is the new 30
Mrs. Loopy
Christy’s Journal
Bird in Hand

KMAC Creations
Cardigan Junkie


Grammar and the Like:
After Deadline
Terribly Write
Excessive Exclamation!!

4 comments on “Blog Roll

  1. Diane
    October 2, 2012

    I’ve always wondered the correct usage of “whom” vs “who”. Grammar Belle can you enlighten?

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