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WSWH: Love the Hair, Love the Shoes

Hey, y’all!

You may not know this, but I have a small side jewelry business. (A single mom has to keep the bills paid until her grammar blog becomes a worldwide phenomenon, you know?) I often see questions from other stylists asking what pieces “compliment” some other piece. Now I have some pretty fabulous and expensive necklaces, but none of them have ever complimented a pair of earrings or bracelet. That would be just plain creepy.




When you “compliment” someone, you’re saying something nice. It’s the “Love the hair, love the shoes” you say before you tell her that her dress isn’t doing her any favors or she has spinach in her teeth. (It’s always a good idea to be complimentary before you launch into a critique.)

Otherwise, when you’re talking about two things that complete each other or make each other perfect, you should write that they “complement” each other.




How can you remember which is which? That’s easy! When you have two (or more) of a kind, use the word that has two vowels of a kind! (See the two e’s in “complement”?)


Two of a kind


Thanks, sweet readers, for being faithful, encouraging, and totally fantastic! Oh, and I love the hair and the shoes.




3 comments on “WSWH: Love the Hair, Love the Shoes

  1. julie@sowsewso
    March 19, 2014

    Compliment and complement has always been a demon for me. Thank you for the easy way to remember. When are you going to get your book written?

    • The Grammar Belle
      March 19, 2014

      Glad I could help! You know, I need to get that thing done ASAP!

      • julie@sowsewso
        March 19, 2014

        Or at least come up with a pitch to sell to publishers

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