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Here We Go Again

Hey, y’all!

It’s back-to-school day here in the TGB household! It may come as very little surprise that I love getting back into a regular routine after the unscheduled chaos of summertime. Summer and I just don’t jibe. (Perhaps once I begin my book tour and life of leisure I’ll enjoy summers more.)

Since I’ve been waiting anxiously for school to begin and in honor of this amazingly fabulous time of year, we’re going to have a few school lessons. Let’s start with biology.

Lesson No. 1: You are not a fish.


Happy fall, y’all,

10 comments on “Here We Go Again

  1. fransiweinstein
    August 14, 2013

    Well … I am a Pisces. So I AM a fish :). And a smart ass. Sorry, I couldn’t resist 🙂

  2. The Grammar Belle
    August 14, 2013

    GOOD POINT, Fransi . . . or good points. 😉 Thanks for stopping by today!

  3. winsomebulldog
    August 14, 2013

    “Baited breath.” I simply cannot stop laughing at that, especially since I’m married to a country boy who is fond of all sorts of baits used for attracting all sorts of critters. (Doe urine, anyone?) :-&

    • The Grammar Belle
      August 14, 2013

      We love to fish, too, in the TGB household! Worms are the best. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  4. outlawmama
    August 14, 2013

    Whoa. Didn’t see this lesson coming. Very clever. And I hate summer. End of story. Cheers!

    • The Grammar Belle
      August 14, 2013

      This one was the result of a friend asking me that spelling question on Facebook, as are many of my lessons. Social media and reality TV are gold mines of topics! 😉 How’s the move?? We will be moving in a few weeks and I’m a mess already.

  5. jon
    August 14, 2013

    Ok—-even an old guy can learn something new. I guess I have just never used that word in a written sentence. And when spoken—–the difference is not distinguishable. 🙂

  6. Joy In the Midst of...
    August 19, 2013

    Lol, I love this. Confession: I just searched my blog to make sure I had spelled it right. Turns out, yes. Phew. I’m safe at least on this one.

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