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WSWH: “Apart” Versus “A Part” Before I Depart

Hey, y’all.

Before I depart on my vacation, I thought I’d leave you with a quick “When Spellcheck Won’t Help” lesson.

When something is separate from the group, it is “apart.” (One word.) When you disassemble something, you take it “apart.” (One word.)

When someone wants to join in the group, they’d like to be “a part” of it. (Two words.) When you are talking about a single component of something larger, you are discussing “a part” of the whole. (Two words.)


I can hear y’all thinking now. “Whoa, TGB. Something gets taken away from the group but the words get squashed together? And when something is joining the group, the words are made separate? What on earth?”

Say it with me, folks: English is one jacked-up language.


Yes, this is one of those crazy things you just have to remember. One tip: If you can use “a member” or “a partner” in your sentence, then you should choose “a part.”

If you’re missing me while I’m gone, feel free to look back at some oldies. You can brush up on your usage of “whom.” Or feel free to forward this post to the person who always “could care less” in your life.

One comment on “WSWH: “Apart” Versus “A Part” Before I Depart

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