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Shoo, fly! Don’t bother me (with your incorrect spelling).

Hey, y’all! I hope you’re having a lovely Wednesday. It’s late winter/early spring—weather-wise—depending upon where you live.

This time of year brings to mind two things:
1. Awards season
2. The approaching bug season

What do those two have to do with each other? You’ll see.

Did you know that when someone is certain to win an award, such as Anne Hathaway in Les Misérables, he or she is said to be a “shoo-in”? He or she is not, in fact, a:

Sweet shoe. Perhaps it's a shoo-in for "Sneaker of the Year." (Image courtesy of

Sweet shoe. Perhaps it’s a shoo-in for “Sneaker of the Year.” (Image courtesy of

Imagine this: You’re waving your hands wildly to quickly shoo a mosquito away from your face. Or your mamaw has her fly swatter after you grandkids to shoo you out of her kitchen. In either case, something/someone is being shooed—quickly moved or pushed—out. And the same verb is used when someone is being quickly moved or pushed in.

Hence “shoo-in” and not “shoe-in.”

Speaking of awards, my dear friend Julie over at SowSewSo (start reading her today, y’all) has awarded me the Super Sweet Blogging Award. I certainly appreciate it—along with the encouragement and feedback Julie continues to give me. She’s an amazing friend and quite a talented writer. And now, I get to answer the Super Sweet Questions AND nominate a baker’s dozen (that’s 13, y’all; bonus math lesson at no charge) blogs who I also think are Super Sweet. One of the best things about this sweet award is that it is calorie-, carb-, and cavity-free.


1. Cookies or cake? May I answer yes?
2. Chocolate or vanilla? Again, my answer is yes.
3. Cheesecake or frozen yogurt? Easiest quiz EVER! Yes.
4. When do you crave sweet things the most? “Yes” will not work here. I’d have to say immediately following a meal. Any meal.
5. If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be? My mama gave me a head start on this one: Brandy Alexander.

Have a SWEET Wednesday!

My Baker’s Dozen:
40 is the new 30
Chronically Chrissy
Random Thoughts from a tired senile old man
Poppa Culture
Outlaw Mama
This Is 38
Mrs. Loopy
KMAC Creations
Christy’s Journal
Cardigan Junkie

5 comments on “Shoo, fly! Don’t bother me (with your incorrect spelling).

  1. juliepetroski
    March 6, 2013

    Thanks for the shout out and congratulations on your award. You were a shoo-in!

  2. ourmom
    March 6, 2013

    It is truly an honor to be included in your baker’s dozen. The Grammar Belle is at the top of my list.
    Some things never change. The Converse All Star is one of those things.
    Thanks for the props.
    Dave (Random Thoughts)

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