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Mr. What’s-His-Name

Hey, y’all.

My girls are at the age when you begin to question the true identity of the man from the North Pole. Our family philosophy is and will continue to be, You have to believe to receive. I figure that’ll buy me some time at least until they’re in their 20s and I’m ready to handle that subject matter. (Yes, I’m a coward. And don’t talk to me about birds and bees and other delicate stuff. I can’t even begin to think about discussing those topics with them.)

Anyway, no matter what your family may call him—Santa, Kris Kringle, St. Nick—I figure there ought to be one more requirement for receiving his gifts: You should spell his name right.

A little Christmastime PSA

A little Christmastime PSA

Ho, ho, ho, y’all!

10 comments on “Mr. What’s-His-Name

  1. jooles_p
    December 4, 2012

    Santa looks a bit like Jerry Garcia. Or is it me?

    • The Grammar Belle
      December 4, 2012

      Yes, he does! A certain AD created that one. I am guessing it’s no coincidence.

  2. fransiweinstein
    December 4, 2012

    They’ll probably discuss the birds and the bees with you first 🙂

  3. outlawmama
    December 4, 2012

    You are awesome. That is all.

  4. Lhut
    December 10, 2012

    This post reminds me of a sign my neighbor put up. Made me chuckle.

    “The Four Stages of Life”

    1. You believe in Santa Claus.
    2. You don’t believe in Santa Claus.
    3. You are Santa Claus.
    4. You look like Santa Claus.

    • The Grammar Belle
      December 10, 2012

      That’s so funny. And true. Although I hope I never look like him!

  5. Kyle
    December 19, 2013

    I’m sure you will handle both situations brilliantly, as you do everything else, when the time comes.

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