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Step Right Up, Log Right In

Hey, y’all! I’m making this a short one because I have to travel for work tomorrow. (Someday, perhaps, educating the masses on grammar pitfalls will become my full-time pursuit! Until then, hi-ho, hi-ho.)

I bet you already know that some verbs have their very own, built-in adverbs: those cute little words that are part of the verb and that give it special meaning. For example, “to step” and “to step up” mean something slightly different. One that I use often on this blog is “to stop by.” That’s a whole nother* verb from “to stop.” You get the idea.

As the digital age continues to develop, so does the language that surrounds it. Bytes, bits, apps, and more are things we never talked about—and didn’t even have terms for—not so long ago. Sometimes those newfangled terms lead to confusion, sloppiness, inconsistencies, and just plain ol’ messes. And what does this have to do with those two-part verbs from the previous paragraph? Well, as I wouldn’t ask you to “stepup” or “stopby,” I’d like to quit being asked by every website and email to “login.”

If you’re performing the action, you need to log in. (See, it’s TWO WORDS.)

Looky there! I logged in. At the time of my log-in, I was asked for my log-in information.

If any of my dear readers are computer programmers, marketers, website builders, and the like, please help my crusade to abolish the “login.” Thanks a bunch!

Don’t forget: Send your grammar queries and peeves my way. And your friends. Please and thank you kindly.

*Yes, perhaps I’m a hypocrite. “Nother” isn’t a word. Here in my beloved home state, we often say that Texas is “a whole nother” country. So . . . I have no explanation or excuse. I guess since it’s my blog I can pick which non-words I want to gripe about and which ones I want to accept. Blogger’s license.

3 comments on “Step Right Up, Log Right In

  1. addude13
    October 22, 2012

    I’ve seen “login” used as the noun pretty frequently without the hyphen, but I (as someone working on web wordery) would never use “login” as a verb.

  2. outlawmama
    October 22, 2012

    This one I got. Totally with you here.

  3. Jennifer Scogin
    October 23, 2012

    My new peeve right now is, how frequently people are intending to type “sell” but they spell it “sale”. I am on a Sell/Buy Facebook group and I see it ALL THE TIME! Drives me nuts! Example: “Item x, make me an offer, I really need to sale this right away!”

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