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You were taken back where?

Hey, y’all. Thanks for dropping by again!

It’s time for yet another I-heard-it-on-TV installment of Say what? Just the other day, I heard a political commentator say she was “taken back” by one of the candidates’* statements. After she said it, all I could think of was, What’s the rest of the story? Where were you taken, lady? Back where? Behind the barn?? Or perhaps she was reminded of a time long ago . . . Dang, I’m confused.

This pic takes me back to my childhood . . . when my cousin Mark would act up and get taken back behind the barn for a whuppin’. Are you taken aback by that? Then you might be a Yankee. (Photo credit: Symbiotic Publishing)

And then it hit me. She was taken ABACK . . . meaning she was startled, surprised, caught unawares. Honey, consider me taken aback, too, at the fact that a lady of your age and obvious schooling doesn’t realize that “aback” is the word you want. Maybe you should just abandon that whole phrase and pick something nice and Southern, such as “Well, shut my mouth!”

*I’m not saying which one. This is a grammar blog, y’all. Plus I wouldn’t want to ostracize my readers from Canada, the U.K, the Netherlands, the Philippines, and Italy with U.S. political stuff. Hi to all y’all across the border/pond(s)!

I’m like the Hasselhoff of the Philippines.

7 comments on “You were taken back where?

  1. outlawmama
    October 19, 2012

    You are so funny. Totally learning so much from you.

    • The Grammar Belle
      October 19, 2012

      Thanks, Outlaw Mama! I am learning better writing style from you. And reading your blog is cheaper than therapy, so I owe you.

  2. Deb Fairchild
    October 19, 2012

    Good stuff, Brandy. I have recently bumped up against “fowl” vs “foul” — and not in a good way. Perhaps you can add that to your list.

  3. Susie Taylor
    October 20, 2012

    Lordy, Girl… you crack me up! Looks like you have some room for expansion in South America! =)

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