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The Wrestling Canadian

This refreshingly simple drink was developed—well into an evening of enjoying our alcohol—by my newest Canadian friend, Dan, at a recent (fantastic) party at the Mortroski Midcentury. Thanks to three of my favorite folks for a great new addition to my drink catalog! In Dan’s honor (or honour), I call it:

The Wrestling Canadian

Grab your beverage essentials.

World Market All-Natural Blood Orange Soda
Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka

Sorry it’s blurry. Did I mention I was overserved at the party?

Fill your Styrofoam cup with ice. Fill it with soda (2/3) and vodka (1/3). That’s it.

Sweet Austin, TX, goodness!

Enjoy, y’all. And have a great weekend!

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This entry was posted on August 2, 2012 by in Adult Beverages, Something to Sip On.

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